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pictured: Ullevi Stadium - Gothia Cup Tournament opening ceremony in Gothenburg, Sweden

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“Armando Lopes has been our ambassador for a few years now. When we first met, I was immediately impressed by Armando. What has been outstanding has been his accuracy, ability to create and maintain business contacts and his great passion to create success for both parties. He is an honest person with a true heart who easily becomes one's best friend. ”

Fredrik Andersson - General Manager - Partille Cup

"When at the end of 2014 I contacted Armando for the first time to understand the possibility of the team that represented participating in the Gothia Cup I expected professionalism, but I got much more than that. Always available in the search for solutions that would meet our needs, beyond reproach. in the way he dealt with logistical aspects and a permanent follow-up in liaison with all stakeholders. The result could not be better. Several participations in the Gothia Cup including the joint organization of a series of qualifications for an Elite group of the Gothia Cup, organization of games friendly with foreign teams interning in Portugal and several interactions always in the direction of the development of sport and football in particular, have characterized our collaboration over the years. Work, competence, commitment and effectiveness are characteristics that have always accompanied Armando in everything that we were doing together, but above all everything was t also a great friendship. "

Alberto Tavares - WOW Executive Director - World of Wine

"There are many stages where football shines. After all, it is the most popular sport in the world, with millions of fans from all continents. However, the beauty of football is not only in the glamor of a Champions League or a Championship of the World There are stages in formation football, where the game is played with a totally pure passion, which are an authentic hymn to the modality and the values ​​that the sport carries.

The Gothia Cup, which takes place in Sweden every year, is not just the biggest youth tournament in the world. It is much more than that. It is a competition where everyone plays with passion, ambition, respect for colleagues and with total FairPlay. In the Gothia Cup, which receives more than 1700 teams every year, from over 80 countries, it is an example where multiculturalism and equality go hand in hand, without prejudice.

This tournament, where there are no losers, and which I had the pleasure of watching once, for everything it means in the lives of its participants and for all the majestic organization that allows nothing to fail, is undoubtedly one of the stages that whoever likes football, in its true essence, should participate or follow at least once in his life. "

Nuno Piteira - Councilor Cascais City Council

"Armando Lopes has been a dear guest at the Gothia Cup for more than 10 years. From the beginning Armando came with his own Portuguese team but then he started to work for us as the Gothia Cup representative in Portugal.

It was a huge success and Armando became one of our most trustful agents. He was the one who actually introduced the Gothia Cup to the Portuguese market.

We can strongly recommend to use Armando Lopes and AL Sport Events if you consider to attend the Gothia Cup. During the years Armando has arranged this trip for thousands of young people from Portugal and we have never had any complains. Armando and his teams have always acted as the perfect ambassadors for Portugal, both off and on the fields. "

Dennis Andersson - Founder and general secretary of the Gothia Cup

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