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The Helsinki Cup has been organized since 1976 and is one of the main summer events in Helsinki, Finland's capital city. In 2021, the 46th edition of the tournament will be celebrated.
The ideology behind the Helsinki Cup has remained the same throughout its history. First of all, it is a tournament for both sexes - both boys and girls are welcome! Second, the Helsinki Cup is an international tournament that each year has around 20 different nationalities participating.
It is a huge tournament with more than 20,000 participants annually, playing on about 100 courses, spread across the city of Helsinki.
The city comes alive during the tournament, as it is held during the Finnish festive season. All children, together with their families and family, guarantee a great visibility of the tournament throughout the city.

“Our excellent cooperation with Armando Lopes dates back quite a few years already. Everything started with him and his wife visiting us personally in Helsinki - where we had the opportunity to show him what our team and our tournament is all about. During the past years we have had the privilege of hosting many youth teams from Portugal at the Helsinki Cup - all of them through Armando, who has become our key partner for Portuguese teams planning to attend our tournament.

Working with Armando is a pleasure. His professionalism and way of handling matters are just a few things that describe him well. Together with Armando, we strive to ensure that every Portuguese team's tour and tournament experience is immaculate - be it on the field playing football, staying at one of the tournament hotels or schools, or off the field enjoying what the city of Helsinki has to offer "


Sebastian Valkama - Helsinki Cup


"Friend Armando, it is with total pride that I participated in 3 international tournaments ... taking and providing experiences and experiences in (training) athletes that they will never forget! Not forgetting the 2 national tournaments that we did too (Castelo de Vide)!

Fortunately I had the pleasure and responsibility to represent 2 different clubs (ACDC and CCFC) in these tournaments, both national and international! I already had the opportunity to thank you (and it never hurts!) For the fantastic organization! Without a doubt, an asset to participate in any tournament !! I and all athletes will be grateful for your responsibility and competence in organizing any tournament!


Thank you Prof. Armando !! Thanks!"

Joel Trigueiro (ACDC and CCFC) - Gothia Cup (2015 - 2018) - Helsinki Cup - Castelo de Vide

"The tournament was a surprise in the best sense, well organized, well structured, free activities for the companions, on top of the offers, free transit for all transport. Safe city, good atmosphere, good places to visit."

Luís Bernardino - Father of athlete AD Almada 2015

helsinki cup 2019

"This was my first international tournament! Without a doubt it will be the tournament I will never forget. It excelled for its excellent organization, namely Prof. Armando Lopes and the wonderful harmonious climate, both sporting and human! As CCFC Director and father, I can only thank you for the opportunity for my son (and all athletes!) to experience something they will never forget for the positive !! Thank you!

Rui Martins - Helsinki Cup 2019


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