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About me

Entrepreneur! The word that best characterizes me and, consequently, the entire AL Sport Events project.
From an early age I looked for new challenges, always leaving my comfort zone. This way of thinking led me to lead areas that I would once have considered unattainable.

Rigor, method, planning, organization, responsibility and respect are principles that guide my life.

Professional experience

Physical education teacher

Internship Advisor at Universidade Lusófona e de Humanidade de Lisboa

Regional Technical Director of the Portuguese Padel Federation - School Padel

Sports Management

Sports Superior Technician in several municipalities in the country


Schools Coordinator Academia Sporting


developed activities

Responsible for the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the Indoor Athletics World Championship - 2001.


Agent in Portugal of the biggest tournaments in the world of football and handball

training since 2011:

Gothia Cup
Partille Cup
Dana Cup
Gothia Cup China

Donosti Cup
Helsinki Cup
Pitea Summer Games
Cup N1
Costa Blanca Cup
Castelo de Vide Cup
Douro Cup

SKF Meet The World - Portugal (Sport Director)

Responsible for the participation of more than two hundred national teams in the various tournaments it represents.


Entre Portas
Tasca do Nana
Olho Digital
Corpus Physio
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