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The Douro Cup is a tournament that takes place in Vila Nova de Gaia, in the month of July.
The Douro Cup headquarters stadium is the Municipal Stadium of Lavandeira and the remaining stadiums used are located close to the center and the beaches so that the teams live the city to the fullest.
Participating in the Douro Cup is getting to know a city and a region with a lot to offer, which promises teams and families moments of conviviality, sharing experiences, friendships and memories for life.

“Armando Lopes, representing AL Sports Events, has contributed through a healthy and appreciated partnership, to the growth of the Douro Cup, with great professionalism, and commitment. We are happy to be able to count on someone so knowledgeable about the sporting phenomenon and who sees himself in our values ​​and vision as an organization. ”

Júlio Moura - Responsible Douro Cup


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