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Castelo de Vide CUP has a constant presence of great Portuguese emblems and international teams from the European, African and American continents. There are more than 50 teams from all over the country, totaling close to 1000 athletes per edition.
The tournament will take place in the Alentejo village of Castelo de Vide and, between games, there will be plenty of time for all the activities available to the teams.
Castelo de Vide CUP offers extra activities such as tennis, swimming pool and cultural visits, as well as trips to the adventure park, so that there is no shortage of fun during every day.

"It all started as a client of his services. He took my teams to Gothia and I really liked the way we were treated. I invited him to be a Castelo de Vide Cup agent and his work ability surprised me, the results were evident.

I could talk about his professionalism, honesty, his competence, etc., but for me, the most important and relevant thing is that, today Armando is a great friend with whom I have the pleasure of living. "

Fernando Madeira - Responsible for Castelo de Vide Cup

"Friend Armando, it is with total pride that I participated in 3 international tournaments, taking and providing experiences and experiences in the (training) athletes that they will never forget! Not forgetting the 2 national tournaments we did too (Castelo de Vide)!

Fortunately I had the pleasure and responsibility to represent 2 different clubs (ACDC and CCFC) in these tournaments, both national and international! I already had the opportunity to thank you (and it never hurts) for the fantastic organization! Without a doubt, an asset to participate in any tournament !! I and all athletes will be grateful for your responsibility and competence in organizing any tournament! Thank you Prof. Armando !! Thanks!"

Joel Trigueiro (ACDC and CCFC)

Gothia Cup (2015-2018) - Helsinki Cup

Castelo de Vide Cup

"Since the beginning of the EFB Almada-AD Almada 2015 sports project, we have tried to provide our athletes with competitive moments different from those they find in the AFS district championships. This is how the partnership with Professor Armando Lopes, who in addition to representing Tournaments like Ghotia Cup, Castelo de Vide and Helsinki Cup, combine excellent organizational skills and support teams in the development of the entire participation process.

Regarding the tournaments in which he is a promoter and in which we participate, they were moments of excellence not only in the competitive experience of our athletes, but also in the moments of interaction of the Parents of Education, who also accompany their students.

Castelo de Vide, we have participated in several editions and always the same quality, whether in the fields, in competitiveness, in organization and above all, the activities that provide young people in their leisure time.

Helsinki Cup, was an extraordinary experience in a tournament with excellent organization and sports complexes.

Gothia Cup, is that tournament that there are no words to describe, only participating is it possible to realize its full dimension.

As they say the winning team does not move, it is the feeling that feelings in the partnership with professor Armando Lopes. "

Pedro Alves, Head of EFB Almada / AD Almada 2015


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