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Piteå Summer Games had its 1st edition in 1990 and had 196 teams from 3 countries.
It is currently the 2nd largest tournament in Sweden and the 5th largest in the world. Every year, it has about 800 teams from 5 continents in the various male and female classes, from Benjamins B to Juveniles.
Piteå Summer Games takes place during the summer solstice and is also referred to as the midnight sun tournament, a phenomenon that is only visible in some parts of the globe, including Piteå.
There is much more to see and experience in Piteå and Swedish Lapland than "just" football. Why not take the opportunity to see the incredible archipelago? And see you in the midnight sunlight!

“Armando Lopes and AL Sport Events is a great collaborator for us as tournament organizers.

Armando is a reliable and well-organized person, and we are happy to have him and the company as our agent in Portugal. To be able to work with someone with that much experience and knowledge makes our part in the work so much easier.

Piteå Summer Games is located in the North of Sweden, and the tournament is held in the city of Piteå, also known as the Nordic Riviera. Boys and gild between ages of 8-17 play, and the opening ceremony with a parade through the center of Piteå contains about 15,000 players and leaders. Piteå is a safe and welcoming place and attracts about 800 teams from around the world every year.

Piteå Summer Games look forward to many years of welcoming teams from the land of sun to the land of the Midnight Sun. ”

Anna Bogren Dalberg - Tournament manager

Piteå Summer Games


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