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The Costa Blanca Cup is a tournament that takes place every year in July in the city of Benidorm, in southern Spain.
It is one of the largest international football tournaments in Europe and has the participation of more than 20 countries and 300 teams, including men's and women's football.
The city of Benidorm, which receives the Costa Blanca Cup, is one of the most touristic coastal cities in Europe. There will be plenty of activities and places to visit between games.

“Since we got to know Armando, we have taken care of his professionalism and passion for the projects he is carrying out. To make a collaboration effort with them, without a doubt, something very beneficial for our team and for all the Portuguese teams that have the chance to come with them.

The effort for your work and the relationship with the teams has all the confidence to be able to work together and receive the greatest possible number of Portuguese teams in our tour creating a very positive experience for everyone ”

Rebeca Llavata- Costa Blanca Cup


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