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The Partille Cup had its first edition in 1970 and was attended by 140 teams from 8 different countries.
The most recent edition - in 2019 - featured more than 1,400 teams from 52 nations. The objective of this tournament is to continue to develop the largest meeting point for young handball players, worldwide.
The Partille Cup is guided by the values of respect and equality between all, regardless of differences in skin color, culture or gender and is a point of unity in the world of handball.
It takes place in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, where there is no shortage of activities to do or new places to visit, as it is considered one of the main cities for events in Europe.

"Armando Lopes has been our ambassador for a few years now. When we first met, I was immediately impressed by Armando. What has been outstanding has been his accuracy, ability to create and maintain business contacts and his great passion to create success for both He is an honest person with a true heart who easily becomes one's best friend. "

Fredrik Andersson - General Manager - Partille Cup

"For anyone linked to the handball game, you have to go to the Partille Cup at least once, whatever the cost. For anyone who has had the opportunity to go to the tournament twice like me, the urge to repeat remains as it was the first time. time, when a dream is about to come true. Partille Cup is the biggest handball tournament in the world, where everything becomes magical, where everything happens, where you only breathe handball 24 hours. There is no identical experience, what our athletes testify is the greatest wealth you can have - "Teacher I want to come back every year ...", "The best of the best ...", "Thank you very much, for the best experiences I've ever had ...".

This adventure made me know Armando Lopes, and I can only thank him for all the support, dedication and organization so that everything went well, always being attentive to all the details, so that nothing was missing from all the elements of the delegation, including several family members who traveled with the teams. "

Tiago Miranda - São João de Brito School

"In 2017, as a teacher and coach, it was a UNIQUE opportunity to experience an event with the nature and characteristics of the" Partille Cup ", played that summer, in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. The quality observed, the degree of participation of the teams, the level of the practitioners and the game, the education of the spectators and all the registered involvement, finds only reason in the professionalism demonstrated in all the levels of the structure, that make this tournament, most likely, a reference of excellence, in the panorama of the sports organizations, the worldwide.

And that's how I started to repeat the experience in 2019 !! At these times, the SJ Brito school and its representation were not alone. In this adventure, we were advised from the first minute, by someone who insisted on not leaving us, until the last second: Armando Lopes!

With it, it was possible to predict, plan and organize, prepare and play, live and live together.

Without it, it would be impossible.

Honestly, I liked it !! Well be it. "

Luis Queiroz de Ataíde - São João de Brito School


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