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Meet the World is a local tournament held by SKF worldwide to select the team that will take their country's flag to the Gothia Cup and where you will be able to fulfill the dream of playing football in the presence of 60,000 spectators. SKF is proud to have given more than 3,500 young athletes from around the world the opportunity to join 40,000 other international athletes of different ages and coaches for a week of football and fun. Meet the World rewards the winning team with a trip to Sweden with all expenses paid so that you and your team only worry about playing and having fun.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Almada in 2017 and Pinhel in 2018 and 2019 were the stage of this event, held for the first time in an autonomous manner , which in both cases had the indispensable support of local authorities.

"I had the privilege of being able to share a fantastic experience at Meet The World with Professor Armando Lopes, a person who captivates by the enthusiasm, the organization, the rigor and the dedication he puts in the performance of his duties. Always with the concern that everyone we feel good and so that we had a unique experience. A good thing and that we can count on more people like the Professor who seeks to contribute to the development of a more positive and more quality women's football. "


Nuno Pereira - SKF Meet The World 2019

Coach Valadares Gaia FC Women Football

" Entrepreneurship, rigor and efficiency have a name, professor Armando Lopes.

From all monitoring and guidance for the creation of this event, an unparalleled presence and highly professional attitude, always present. During the two days of the tournament, the availability, delivery, charisma, affection and motivation shown to all teams, make me give top marks in all of their work.

Professor Armando Lopes, is a professional of high rigor and professionalism and a human being of exemplary character and values. "


Sandra Gonçalves Luzia

Setúbal Women's Football School

"Meet the World is the local phase of SKF's main social action in the world. The participation of Armando Lopes, as sports director, in all these years was fundamental for the execution of the tournament in Portugal. I am not speaking only for the organization of the event, but also for the executive part and the ability to look for partners and solutions within the given briefing. It is worth highlighting the relationship with the athletes and the educational character that Armando carries from his pedagogical experience. "


Hugo Lamberg - Responsible for SKF Meet the World Portugal and Spain

"Passion for the challenges you commit to operationalize! Humility in the relationship with those who collaborate with you, which greatly enriches your leadership! Sense of commitment and responsibility in the organization of the projects in which you are involved! Keep it up and the future will be a comfortable place to put all your dreams in! I thank you for your friendship and only noble people like you have the ability to perpetuate values of this dimension. "


Anabela Santos

SCUT Women's Football Department


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